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DFW Cigar Society
Where we herf!

The best way to know where we are going to be is to join our Yahoo Group using the link below. But here are a few of the places we gather.


The second Tuesday of the month (usually) we gather at Cuba Libre. It is on Willis and Henderson, just two blocks east of 75 Central and the Knox-Henderson exit. The last Tuesday of the month we gather in North Dallas. Right now we are using The Londoner on Midway & Beltway, ( 1 block south of Beltline on Midway)

Port Turkey Day Crawl; Actual size=240 pixels wide

Upcoming Events

POST TURKEY DAY CRAWL This is our big annual event done on the Friday after Thanksgiving. We begin with lunch, hit a few stores on our crawl and then end up with a fantastic dinner. It is a great event with lots of freebies and goodies.

I may include a map to the event below:

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