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DFW Cigar Society

Welcome to The DFW Cigar Society Homepage!

This is the amazingly lifelike website of the Dallas-Ft.Worth Cigar Soceity. We are members of the newsgroup alt.smokers.cigars, which has contributors and irritants spanning the globe, Cigar Family, another web based group of smokers from around the world sponsored by the Fuente/Newman family, and various other cigar demented groups. We each have an abiding interest in all aspects of cigars ( can you say obsessed?) as well as participating in social functions where we get together drink, smoke, drink, smoke and talk. These get-togethers are known as "herfs" and we try to have two herfs every month. We want to let other cigar smokers who live in the Metroplex or even those just "passing through" know how they can join in the fun! (And we promise not to stick you with the check.....well mosttimes.)

This site will present the DFW Cigar Society's membership and activities to the world. It operates in tandem with our membership-only DFW-CigarSociety Yahoo group. We use our Yahoo group as the primary means of contact among us and for our calendar of events cause it is much easier to update than this is. If you are not already signed up on the Yahoo Group, and you don't want to miss anything we plan, click on the Dallas Skyline at the right and you'll go to our Group site; or, sign up at: As communicating isn't always easy, we'll try to include photos and images that convey the weirdness that is the DFW Cigar Society. We'll eventually include specific information about our cigar club and its members, so no one forgets the people behind the pictures, no matter how hard one might try. We hope you'll find our website interesting and useful (and not at all similar to the DCASC one.). Contact us if you see anything that could use improving on our site. Other than that, sit back, relax, and smoke a good cigar!

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Click on the Dallas Skyline to go to our group page, or on the logos below to go to ASC, Cigar Weekly or Cigar Family

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